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和牛吉川(Wagyu Kikkawa)について

私たち和牛吉川(Wagyu Kikkawa)は、北海道産黒毛和牛専門の商店です。
選抜基準として、北海道産黒毛和牛種 A5を中心に一頭 買いをおこなっており、最高品種の和牛を選抜しています。

About Wagyu Kikkawa

Wagyu Kikkawa is a shop specialized in Japanese Kuroge-Wagyu beef from Hokkaido.
We only offer premium-quality Kuroge-Wagyu beef that is carefully selected based on the years of research in beef pedigrees by our expert connoisseurs.
Only Wagyu Brands from Hokkaido are offered at our shop. To meet our selection standards, the Wagyu beef must have the highest grade of A5, be young in age and have excellent pedigree. We select the top-quality Wagyu and purchase one whole Wagyu.



About Wagyu

Wagyu refers to four breeds: Japanese Black (Kuroge Wagyu), Japanese Brown, Japanese Shorthorn, and Japanese Polled. We sometimes call Japanese Black simply “Wagyu” as this breed accounts for 95% of the total. This breed is popular worldwide because of its extremely rare characteristic called “Sashi” or “Shimofuri.” Purely domestic Wagyu that was born and raised in Japan is known as an expensive luxury food.



About Our Wagyu

Hokkaido is located in the northernmost part of Japan and is a food-producing area characterized by its vast nature, covering 22% of the total land area of Japan. The Tokachi region is one of Japan's leading food production bases, where nature remains intact. Exceptionally high-quality Wagyu that is raised in the environment with abundant water from the Hidaka Mountains, rich soil, clear air, and sunny weather in Tokachi is what Wagyu Kikkawa offers.


和牛の代表的な特徴としてあげられるものが「サシ」といわれるものです。 サシとは赤身と赤身の間にある模様のような脂肪のことをさします。日本では 古くから「霜降り」という言葉でも表され、和牛のみに伝わる特徴です。和牛のサシには代々の牛の血統が大きく影響します。長年の血統の研究とその掛け合わせの結果として黒毛和牛の代表的な特徴となった「サシ」が生まれました。 サシは英語では「Marbling(混ぜ合わさった)」と呼ばれ、和牛の品質を表す格付け基準として「B.M.S(ビーフマーブリングスタンダード)」があります。

About Sashi

One of the representative characteristics of Wagyu beef is what is called “Sashi” or “Shimofuri.” It refers to the fat between lean meat which resembles marble, and is a characteristic of Wagyu beef only. This “Sashi” is greatly influenced by the bloodlines of cattle for generations. The years of research and crossbreeding of pedigrees brought about “Sashi,” the representative characteristic of Wagyu beef. “Sashi” is called "marbling" in English, and the B.M.S. (Beef Marbling Standard) is an evaluation standard for the quality of Wagyu beef.